Our programs are endorsed and approved by the Ministry of Education.

Educational Centre QUO VADIS organizes online language learning courses via Skype.
If you want to learn a foreign language and:
•do not have time to attend a course
•travel a lot
•would like do it from home
•would like to learn any time that you like
•would like to have your online lessons as often and as long as you can
•you are a company and want your employees to learn a language even being in different places at the same time.

Educational Centre Quo Vadis offers you a modern and practical solution: a Skype language course!

All you need is your willingness to learn, a Skype account and Internet connection.

It does not matter where you are now: in Moldova, the USA or France!

You will have an experienced and qualified teacher and all the necessary materials for studies. (electronic and paper versions).


You may call us or write an email for any details.

Studying Resources:

Depending on the course, its purpose, and the main theme which aims (general, business, technical, medical) will procure the most effective study materials.

Additionally you will get from materials tailored to your teaching process.

Monitoring and Certification:

Initial level testing is done free of charge. This is the starting point from which we will then report to measure your progress during the course.

Your teacher will give you structured learning tasks and monitor your progress, providing you with guidance and feedback. During the course your level will be diagnosed through small tests and quizzes.

At the end of the course, after taking the final exam you will receive a certificate according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe.