Would you like your child to develop his/her own talents, personal skills of communication, behavior and attitude!?

Explore, get ready and express yourself through the QUO VADIS’s programs!

Our aim is to give the children not just a lesson, a classroom, an educator but a quality education.

Early development programs are destined for children from kindergarten from two years old and aims to discover and develop personality and native skills through a series of creative activities. Children are classified by age categories (2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-5 years, 5-6 years). Group’s number is restricted, in order for every child to receive the necessary attention.

In this way, each participant is guided according to personal academic, emotional and social needs.

Children explore a new theme each week through their knowledge, senses, mind and bodies.


  • English Language
  • Math
  • Writing skills
  • Knowledge of environment
  • Language education
  • Workshops


  • 1200 lei / monthly


  • one time per week 3 astronomical hours per meting


  • Saturday


  • Morning: 9.30-12.30

We want preschoolers’ families to feel welcome and involved in the educational activities. We recommend visiting the center with your child to see the quality of services

After School
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Summer Camp
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School Preparation
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Public speaking
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Reasons to join us:

  • • activities that stimulate creativity, curiosity and desire to learn;
  • a comfortable place for children, a new modern and a high quality environment, video surveillance included;
  • an individualized approach from a psychological perspective;
  • experienced psycho-pedagogues;
  • parents satisfied with the quick results obtained in their child’s development;
  • a great relationship with our team which is always open to communication and generating solutions;
  • an advantageous price.

Our vision of education:

An EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM that encourages our children to know and understand various phenomena and (which is more important) makes them able to find out the connections between them.

A CURRICULUM that provides children with the opportunity to develop personal goals and passions - that will facilitate adaptation to a changing world.

An EDUCATIONAL MODEL that offers children an international perspective at the same time helping them to keep their own cultural characteristics.

A VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES that take into account different levels of intelligence, the role of emotions, memory operation mode and varied learning style of each child.