„Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world.”

Curricula are approved and accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova.

Nowadays Quo Vadis is a unique educational center where languages are studied by adults and children (beginning from the age of two). Students can study languages individually with a teacher or in small groups.

Our mission:

To provide our clients with a full set of education programs, which correspond to international standards.

Modern classrooms and facilities

Our classrooms are equipped with modern facilities, latest learning materials and technical tools and aids for the best knowledge assimilation.

Latest teaching methods

We define effective teaching as personal and interactive methods, simple, but targeting best results and positive attitude.

Team of professionals

We have the most qualified and experienced teachers that will support, motivate and encourage you in the process of language learning.

Friendly comfortable atmosphere

You will feel being a part of our big QUO VADIS family from the very first moment you step into our Centre.

Tutorial teaching

We will guide you constantly through the language course and educational process as a whole.

Cyclic Teaching

Every lesson is planned in such a way that the information gained at the previous lesson is revised and drilled at the next one.

If you are not completely decided or you want to find our real foreign language level, you can  program yourself for a free test at:

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Reportaj Prime

Prima Oră: Kindergarten alernatives

Reportaj ProTV

They bearly know a few words in romanian, but are already learning English language. See an amazing dialogue in English with 2 years old kids.

Among Our Clients

It is the place where our child has found a friendly, healthy and kind atmosphere, and he attends the kindergarten with great pleasure! We are also pleasantly surprised by educational program, which is well-thought and taught in a very easy way without any pressure and stress. We are pleased because any parents’ suggestions are accepted, discussed and respected. In particular, we are delighted with educator Miss Olesea Casu‘s attitude and kindness. She sincerely loves children and is able to find “a secret key” to everyone. We are glad to be a part of  the Quo Vadis family! Thank you!

Natalia Gorbatovskaia